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Archival descriptions may be presented in a variety of outputs and with varying levels of detail treatment yellow fever buy 15 mg flexeril visa. The creators of archival materials medicine bow wyoming discount flexeril 15mg without a prescription, as well as the materials themselves 6 medications that deplete your nutrients purchase 15 mg flexeril amex, must be described nail treatment buy generic flexeril 15 mg. The rules may be used for describing archival and manuscript material at all levels of description, regardless of form or medium, and may also be applied to the description of intentionally assembled collections, and to discrete items. Additional information is required regarding the persons, families, and corporate bodies responsible for the creation, assembly, accumulation, custody, and/or maintenance and use of the archival material being described. The process of creating a finding aid or other access tools that allow individuals to browse a surrogate of the collection to facilitate access and that improve security by creating a record of the collection and by minimizing the amount of handling of the original materials. Records management נA written account of the physical characteristics, informational content, and functional purpose of a records series or system. The primary purpose of creating descriptive tools is to help users locate relevant material. Moreover, the description activity acquired a non-evaluative character as a consequence of the recognition that its products, in order to be useful for every kind of research, had to serve none in particular. Description, on the other hand, captures and communicates knowledge about the broad administrative and documentary contexts of records creation within an organization as a whole as one moves further away from the original circumstances of creation. Its purpose is to preserve, perpetuate, and authenticate meaning over time so that it is available and comprehensible to all users ͠present and potential. The study of the physical characteristics of books and the process of bookmaking, especially with an eye to understanding how materials and production influence the text. It describes the content of the resource, associates various access points, and describes how the resource is related to other resources intellectually or within a hierarchy. In addition to bibliographic information, it may also describe physical attributes of the resource such as media type, dimension, and condition. Syn: Synonym נ: see Bibliography נSuperscript: Definition number descriptive record 114 descriptive record, n. Publishing these lists in bound form, they sent them out to booksellers, bibliophiles, and librarians all over America and Europe in what surely must have been one of the greatest literary scavenger hunts in history. In other instances, the manner of destruction is appropriate to the sensitivity of the information contained in the materials and may involve shredding, maceration, or incineration. For electronic records, simple destruction may be accomplished by deleting the record, which merely removes the pointer from an index without overwriting the data. Notes: An individual or corporation is expected to prevent the destruction of records if it is reasonable to expect a lawsuit, audit, or investigation, even if no official notice of such an event has been served. The diazo process is not considered suitable for archival microfilm due to its impermanent nature. The negative is typically disposed of after development, although Polaroid did make products (Type 51 and Type 105) that could produce a print and a negative that could be fixed and preserved. Law נA collection of summaries of court cases that are arranged by subject and subdivided by jurisdiction and court. Notes: Digital archival objects include graphic images, audio or video clips, images of text pages, and electronic transcriptions of text. The objects can be selected examples, or digital surrogates of all the materials in an archival collection or series. Although the recommended definition can be interpreted to include those items, the security community does not use the term with those meanings. Information created on nonelectronic media, typically text or images on paper or film, and converted to an electronic format that can be stored and manipulated by a computer. Digital information that has been compiled and formatted for a specific purpose, that includes content and structure, and that may include context. Digital documents originally created in electronic form are described as born digital. They may be considered to embody more than information because the entity indicates how the data elements that form the information (attributes) relate to one another and how the information as a whole relates to a larger information environment.

A serving of refined sugar increases the urinary excretion of calcium symptoms 10 days before period buy generic flexeril 15 mg line,43 and an excess of corticosteroids can cause osteoporosis medications for adhd purchase 15mg flexeril overnight delivery. High sodium intake can also cause an increase in urinary excretion of calcium in some individuals symptoms 6 weeks pregnant purchase 15 mg flexeril fast delivery. Due to their lack of nutrient-rich germ and bran symptoms colon cancer buy flexeril 15 mg on line, there is a significant loss of vitamins and minerals in these foods. The refining process produces white flour stripped of B6, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, and zinc. One of the best general dietary preventive habits to acquire is to eat a lot of dark green leafy vegetables. Kale, collard greens, romaine, spinach, Swiss chard, and other dark greens are a rich source of vitamins and minerals, including calcium, vitamin K, and boron. As you will learn in the nutritional supplements section, vitamin K is involved in the mineralization of bone, and boron decreases the urinary excretion of calcium and magnesium. Soybeans contain phytoestrogens called isoflavones and a particular isoflavone called daidzein. Daidzein is similar to a semisynthetic product called IpriFlavone, which is used to treat osteoporosis. Soy is the only dietary source of daidzein, which is a nonsteroidal estrogen-like molecule. Soy also increases the menstrual cycle length by one to five days, especially the follicular phase. This may have a positive effect on bone density due to longer exposure to elevated estrogen levels. Soy appears to have a proestrogen effect on bone in some experimental evaluations. The bone density of ovariectomized rats for which soy replaced casein in the diet was compared to another group that received estrogen. The addition of soy inhibited bone loss, although not to the same extent as was achieved with estrogen treatment. Several human studies have provided further insight into the possible role of soy in bone health. A study conducted at the University of Calcium Content of Selected Soy Foods Soy Product Calcium (mg) 553 406 80ͳ00 7 119 88 77 Tofu, firm (1/4 block) Tofu, regular (1/4 block) Soy milk, calcium-fortified (1 cup) Soy milk (1 cup) Soybeans, roasted (1/4 cup) Soybeans, boiled (1/4 cup) Tempeh (1/4 cup) Illinois found that menopausal women had an increase in mineral levels and density in their lumbar spines after taking 55 to 90 mg of isoflavones for six months. What was surprising was that the soybean protein diet was effective in preventing bone loss in the fourth lumbar vertebra and, although less so, in the right hip as well. Soybean protein seems to have more of an effect on trabecular bone (more predominant in the spine) than on cortical bone (more predominant in the hip). The soybean protein did not show as great an ability to prevent bone loss as the estrogen group, but the positive effect it showed is encouraging. For Chinese women, no association between genistein and bone mineral density was found. Premenopausal, but not perimenopausal, Japanese women whose intakes were greater had a higher bone density of the spine and femoral neck. Mean spinal bone density of those women in the highest genistein intake group was 7. Bone density of the femoral neck was 12 percent greater in the highest intake group versus the lowest. Other positive studies on soy and bone density also give some credence to the role of soy for bone health. In a study estimating the daily intakes of soy isoflavones in the diets of 478 postmenopausal Japanese women who reported soy consumption, high consumption of soy products was associated with increased bone mass. An adequate intake of calcium and vitamin D is fundamental for bone health and is an important adjunct to drug treatments for osteoporosis. In fact, a review of almost three dozen clinical trials found that bone mineral density of the hip increased more in the estrogen plus calcium group, compared with the estrogen group alone.

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Substituting a new soundtrack in a film symptoms meaning purchase 15mg flexeril amex, often lip-synched dialog in another language symptoms gallbladder buy discount flexeril 15mg on line. The data elements of unqualified Dublin Core include title symptoms 24 hours before death buy 15mg flexeril free shipping, creator treatment of scabies order flexeril 15 mg amex, subject, description, publisher, contributor, date, type, format, identifier, source, language, relation, coverage, and rights. A card or block placed where an object should be stored in a sequence that indicates another location where the object is actually stored. Publishing נA mockup of a page created by pasteup or computer that is used to show the final design. Publishing נA mockup of a book, cover, and dust jacket created to show the final design. Notes: A dummy1 may be filed in place of an original that must be stored elsewhere because of size or preservation concerns. One of a number of copies of an object made at the same time from the same master. Notes: For paper, film, and other media with a flexible base, durability may be measured in terms of strength and pliability. A single matrix produces a monochrome print, although separation negatives can be used to create several matrices, each of which is printed in registration using a different dye to produce a full-color image. A document that includes content taken from external sources that changes as those external sources change. A document, especially a web page, that changes content through periodic transactions between the client and server. For example, a report written in a word processor may include a graph that draws information from an external spreadsheet. Each time the report is opened, it updates the graph based on the most current information in the spreadsheet. For example, a web page may use different graphics and include different text based on a variety of factors. Because the content of dynamic documents changes as the information in external sources changes, it lacks fixity and cannot be relied on as a source of historical information. If the information in a dynamic document needs to be preserved, it must be written to a nondynamic format to create a record of the information. A dynamic document2 on the web may use client-pull, server-push, or other techniques to trigger content updates. A dynamic website is usually driven by a database so that current content is always up-to-date or so that content is customized to the individual viewing the page; for example, a portal. In principle, it goes beyond providing a web interface to manual processes by ensuring that back-office operations are reengineered to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Improved services to citizens include the ability to interact with agencies outside normal office hours and away from physical offices, increased access to information through improved search facilities and online documents, and new means of citizen participation in the democratic process. While services to citizens are typically provided through the web, services to business and other government agencies are often part of an automated process performed by computers without manual intervention. For example, a procurement process may be fully automated, working within established business rules. It may be caused by an expansion of the edge of the material, which is exposed to greater variations in temperature and humidity than the center. It may also be caused by physical deformation, sometimes caused by the material rubbing against the flange of the reel or being pulled unevenly through a transport mechanism. Syn: Synonym נ: see Bibliography נSuperscript: Definition number edge-notched card 138 edge-notched card (also edge-punched cards), n. The holes at the edge are associated with a specific attribute about the subject to be coded for retrieval. A hole is cut out (notched) if the card is to be retrieved for that piece of information. When a thin rod is inserted through the hole associated with an attribute, cards with that hole notched out are not picked up by the rod. Inserting rods into the holes for a specific age and a specific ethnicity will allow cards that have been notched for both that age and ethnicity to fall out of the cards that are not notched and remain on the rods.

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Associate Professor Department of Community Dentistry Faculty of Health Sciences University of Pretoria Pretoria symptoms xanax withdrawal buy flexeril 15mg overnight delivery, South Africa the authors of chapter 6 acknowledge Maansi Bansal-Travers and Kaila Norton for their contributions medicine journal generic 15mg flexeril free shipping. Director treatment alternatives discount 15 mg flexeril with visa, Health Promotion and Tobacco Control Adjunct Assistant Professor Public Health Foundation of India New Delhi medications recalled by the fda order flexeril 15 mg amex, India Jon O. Professor of Community Oral Health Queen Mary University of London London, United Kingdom Hans Giljam, M. Professor Department of Public Health Sciences Karolinska Institutet Stockholm, Sweden the authors of chapter 10 acknowledge Manu Dahiya, Siddharth Shanbhag, and Ann McNeill for their contributions. Associate Professor Department of Community Dentistry Faculty of Health Sciences University of Pretoria Pretoria, South Africa Masego Rantao, M. Lecturer, Department of Community Dentistry Faculty of Health Sciences University of Pretoria Pretoria, South Africa Chapter 13 Ghazi Zaatari, M. Professor, Oral Pathology, Epidemiology and Biostatistics Director, Research and International Relations College of Dentistry Jazan University Jazan, Saudi Arabia Prakash Gupta, D. Ray Senior Research Assistant HealisΓekhsaria Institute for Public Health Mumbai, India Dhirendra N. Tobacco Free Initiative Regional Office for South-East Asia World Health Organization New Delhi, India xviii Smokeless Tobacco and Public Health: A Global Perspective Chapter 14 Annette M. Adjunct Research Faculty Cancer Research Center, University of Guam Mangilao, Guam Clinical Associate Professor Cancer Research Center of Hawaii, University of Hawaii at Manoa Honolulu, Hawaii Reviewers Mira B. Behavioral Scientist Communication Expert International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union) New Delhi, India Olalekan A. Associate Professor Department of Community Dentistry Faculty of Health Sciences University of Pretoria Pretoria, South Africa Stephen Babb, M. Health Policy and Systems Advisor Health Sector Development World Health Organization Beijing, China Raman Bedi, D. Director Tobacco Free Initiative World Health Organization Geneva, Switzerland Rajani Bhisey, Ph. Professor of Community Oral Health Queen Mary University of London London, United Kingdom Manu Dahiya, M. Queen Mary University of London Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry Institute of Dentistry London, United Kingdom Cristine Delnevo, Ph. Professor of Psychology Department of Psychology University of Waterloo Ontario, Canada Rajani George, M. Director, Cancer Science and Trends Director, International Cancer Control American Cancer Society, Inc. Professor, Oral Pathology, Epidemiology and Biostatistics Director, Research and International Relations College of Dentistry Jazan University Jazan, Saudi Arabia Javaid A. Sackler Faculty of Medicine School of Public Health Tel Aviv University Tel Aviv, Israel Jonathan M. Senior Officer Medical Research Public Health and Policy Health Authority Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Siddharth Shanbhag, M. Queen Mary University of London Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry Institute of Dentistry London, United Kingdom Surendra S. Tobacco Free Initiative Regional Office for South-East Asia World Health Organization New Delhi, India Stephen A. Senior Adviser on Tobacco Product Regulation, Legislation, and Enforcement Tobacco Free Initiative World Health Organization Geneva, Switzerland Ghazi Zaatari, M. Lisa Adams, Graphic Artist Elmer Alcantara, Graphic Artist Allyson Austin, Copy Editor Holly Bowers, Copy Editor Julie Bromberg, M. Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confidence interval Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Conference of the Parties Canadian Tobacco Use Monitoring Survey Demographic and Health Surveys European Commission European Union Framework Convention on Tobacco Control U. Smokeless Tobacco and Public Health: A Global Perspective Chapter Contents Introduction. Yet limited data are available on the properties of these products, how they are used, and their prevalence within different population groups. Reynolds have introduced snus products carrying the well-known Marlboro and Camel brand names, thereby adding new product lines to these existing brand names and putting their marketing expertise and brand recognition to work for this new class of products. Tobacco control experts warn that increased marketing of these products may have an adverse impact on population health by appealing to young, new users or by helping current smokers maintain their nicotine dependence.